How Travelling Can Capture Your Soul!

Being a travel addict isn’t always what it seems. For the larger part, it’s great whilst your away discovering new places but for every place I go, I always leave a piece of my heart behind. I fall in love with every new place we discover. Once we’re back home again I find my head and my heart are elsewhere, they are off exploring new sights, having adventures, living my dreams. Don’t get me wrong I love my home, and in some respects I am a complete home bird once I’ve settled back in, but even greater than home I love the thrill of exploring some new found new place.

I spend most of my days whilst I’m back dreaming of faraway places where I can be in my bikini sipping from a coconut and exploring sights I only ever imagined. When I’m not dreaming of these places I am planning to go to them. I research everything about the place we are travelling too next, from searching trip advisor and lonely plant for recommendations to reading other people’s blogs. So, whilst I love travelling it has completely captured my soul and there is no going back. In person I may be at home; but in my mind, spirt, soul and heart I am off living my dreams, exploring. So, travel as much and as far as you can and let yourself be completely consumed by every part of it and when you must go back home just know you will never be the same again as it will change you!

2 thoughts on “How Travelling Can Capture Your Soul!

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I fall in love with so easily… I mean there’s some truly beautiful places on our planet its hard not to? It does leave me torn however between wanting to return to places but also the need to explore new and exciting destinations 🙂

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