A weekend in Koh Phi Phi

All the planning in the world could not have prepared us for what we found when we jumped off the ferry on to the pier at Koh Phi Phi. It was early afternoon and our transport had not yet arrived (by transport I mean a trolley for our bags as there are no cars on the island) so we waited in the humid heat with two American girls. I started to crack some awfully English jokes to fill the awkward silence and lighten the mood but they did not find me amusing at all. Personally, I thought I was hilarious and so did Vicky, or maybe she was laughing at my futile efforts too. Fortunately, we were all saved by the arrival of our transport then it was onwards for a good old slog through the town; up up up to our tree house overlooking the island.



We checked in, dumped our bags and headed straight to cool down at the pool. After a chilled afternoon, we got ready and headed in to town for a browse and a bite to eat. Once the sun had set the island changed from a tranquil chilled out scene in to a party town; with buckets being sold on the street, UV painted party goers at every glance…Β  We were shocked as after all the research we did this was not what we had come to believe Phi Phi was about. Bearing in mind we love a drink and party as much as the next person but this was not what we had expected. We were taken aback by how the island had changed and how we had no warning of what was in store.

We wandered around for a bit and as the shops closed and the bars became louder and brighter we headed back to the hotel for some R&R; as we had a few busy days before hand including a trip to the local A&E. R&R though was something we did not get, as all through the night we were kept up by the thud thud thud of the bars further down the hill. It must have been early morning before we were finally greeted by sleep. Prior to this we decided that Phi Phi was not for us so we would head to Krabi in the morning rather than stay any longer. Within minutes we loaded booking.com and managed to book a hotel that evening…

The next morning, we awake feeling as if we had been out ourselves, the ferry wasn’t until 10 am and I wanted to have an early morning hike up to the view point. After all we had come all this way and couldn’t not! It was well worth the steep climb; with a few people making the morning trip to see the spectacular views over the Island.



All in all, Phi Phi was not the quiet, tranquil, tropical island we had first come to believe; instead we were met by party goers and bars galore with rubbish lined streets worse than we had seen before on our travels. There were 2 benefits of our trip to the island though, the view point, well worth a trip and the Mango Garden, which served possibly the best coconut mango drinks we had the pleasure of tasting. So, beware if your heading to Phi Phi expecting to have a chilled out and relaxing time like we were then this is not the place, as no matter how much research we did, we weren’t warned.


3 thoughts on “A weekend in Koh Phi Phi

  1. You skipped all the most beautiful places on and around Koh Phi Phi… As far as the party part goes you are absolutely right. But there is also another part of the island where it is amazingly calm and beautiful, with an own little village and no touristic getaway. Please check out our article about Koh Phi Phi and it will maybe change your mind for another visit in the future. Cheers guys!

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