Travelling is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone but travelling with another person whether it be a friend or a partner can be hard, you are with that person 24 hours a day. You must learn to compromise; taking into consideration their wants and needs as well as your own (even though you might want to kill them at times!) There are times you think you might just go crazy being with the same person every minute of every day (sometimes I feel like I have gone crazy!). You have to learn to adapt to one another, travelling can make or break any partnership.

Travelling with your other half is amazing; waking up every day in a beautiful place with the person you love can be the best feeling in the world… but as much as you might love that person you also need some you time (it will keep you sane believe me). Just like when you’re both at home, you need your own space every now and again; whether it be going for a run, taking a stroll along the beach or a browse around the shops. This will give you both some time to just be yourselves which could avoid a lot of silly arguments (believe me there will be a lot more of these than you think!).

Going on holiday and spending two full weeks together is one thing, you know you’re going to be coming home and going back to work. Spending 24 hours a day whilst travelling together can be tough on even the most patient person (I’ve had mine tested a lot!). You start to see each other differently, your relationship shifts, it’s not the same as living the 9-5. It’s not all strolling along the beach or seeing amazing sights every day, it’s not as picture perfect as the Instagram photos show (as who wants to see the bad days). Your usual arguments over ‘who’s cooking tea’ or ‘why haven’t the bins been taking out’ are replaced with ‘where shall we go next’ or ‘shall we fly or get the night bus’ or our all-time favourite ‘shall we stay in another hostel or splash out a bit on a hotel?’ To avoid these little bickers turning into emotional break downs (we’ve experienced a few) you need to learn to compromise just like at home. Don’t get me wrong I for one certainly know which arguments I’d rather be having but I have been guilty of not being the most flexible before or not taking into consideration my other half’s needs (as much as I hate to admit this!).

Emotions can run high whilst you are travelling; some days you are so tired from travelling all day, or you feel run down and just need some time out. Well take it, curl up in bed or take a long shower just like you would at home and relax, it doesn’t have to be all go every day. Remember to talk about your feelings, your wants and your expectations from your travels and don’t forget that sometimes your other half may need some down time too. It’s important to remember to keep the romance alive; go out on dates, surprise each other still, make an effort once in a while, splash out on that nice hotel. Just like at home the little things make a big difference.

So yes, there will still be petty little bickers but I’d rather bicker whilst soaking up the sun and seeing some of the best places in the world then being stuck living the 9-5. Because let’s face it working every day to pay the bills is not living its existing and I for one want to live. I want to experience everything this world has to offer with my best friend alongside me.

So, go travelling with your partner and grow together. Spend every day getting lost with each other in the most amazing of places and creating memories that will last you a life time. Because at the end of the day if you can’t travel with your best friend who can you travel with?

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