Helllllooo September!

I cannot believe the summer holidays are officially over, Autumn is on its way and I for one couldn’t be more excited! I love Autumn it’s my favourite time of year when the leaves start to brown and fall from the tree’s, evenings are spent cosyed up by the fire with a hot chocolate and the candles lit. And lets not forget all the new Autumn clothes that will soon be hitting the shops, nothing beats layering up to keep you warm on these cooler nights.

So to celebrate the end of Summer, we woke up early as it was also new car day for me! My little 59 plate Micra was being traded in for a new Audi A1. I honestly felt like I was betraying my trusty little car that I had come to know and love over the past 7 years. As excited as I was for my shiny new car, I felt a sense of sadness too. So at 8am with a guilty heart I waved goodbye to my little car and picked up what is to be my new pride and joy which will hopefully see me through the next 7 years or so!

After an early start we had worked up an appetite so off we headed into town for a hearty Breakfast. We decided on a small artisan cafe called Foxes which has a quirky atmosphere and serves the best pancakes in town! I couldn’t resist ordering their New York pancake stack; streaky bacon with syrup, on top of the fluffiest butter pancakes, alongside a Gingerbread soya Latte (being lactose intolerant it’s not always easy to find somewhere that serves soya milk) yum, delicious! For the past few weeks I have been obsessed with Gingerbread Lattes, they are the perfect Autumn drink. If you haven’t yet tried one and love Gingerbread as much as me then they are an absolute must!


After we demolished our breakfast’s we headed into town so I could pick some clothes I had ordered ready for the cooler weather from River Island. As we wandered past New Look, with a keen eye for bargain hunting, I realised they had a sale on so I couldn’t resist nipping in to see what I could find. An hour later I came away from town with 5 new jumpers and having only spent Β£28 I was very pleased with my new purchases.

As the sun was shining (which doesn’t happen often in Cumbria) and it was still early we decided to take my new car for a spin and head out through the countryside to Pooley Bridge for a leisurely wander. Pooley Bridge is a typical Cumbrian village; a selection of pubs, cafe’s and little shops selling knick knacks, with many countryside walks nearby. Since I’ve not be feeling to well recently and we haven’t done as much walking as we would have liked this summer weΒ opted for an easy walk along the river whilst soaking up the last of the sun.


It turns out we weren’t the only ones with this idea. All along the river there were families enjoying the last of the summer holidays taking an afternoon stroll, dipping their toes in the water, kayaking or paddle boarding. Thomas is desperate to try paddle boarding so we stopped and watched for a little bit; deciding we were definitely going to have to give it ago next summer when the weather had warmed again, as we would most probably be spending more time in the water than on the actual board.


It was a lovely afternoon, just what we needed to relax. On our way back we stopped to dip our toes in the cool water before sitting on the stoney bank to reflect on the summer and chat about our plans for the coming Autumn.


Feeling very relaxed indeed, we are now definitely ready for the season ahead and are very excited indeed!


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