Create some self-love this Autumn

How to create some self-love this Autumn

I know I’m at it again, going on about Autumn, but it really is the perfect time of year for some self love and self care! I love Autumn it’s my favourite time of year when the leaves start to brown and fall from the tree’s, I spend my evenings cosyed up by the fire with a hot chocolate and the candles lit. I always invest in some new Autumn clothes that will soon be hitting the shops as nothing beats layering up to keep you warm on these cooler nights. Autumn is the perfect time to relax and take some time out for yourself after a busy summer, before Christmas is upon us once again. So I thought I’d share with you some of the things I love to do over Autumn to rejuvenate and have some me time to reflect on the past year before I have to prepare for the busy Christmas period ahead. After all everyone needs some time out to look after number one sometimes.


Go for Brunch –

Autumn is the perfect time to relax that diet whilst catching up with old friends, so why not arrange that long over due catch up and head out for some brunch. I love doing this in the Autumn, just last week we visited a small artisan cafe called Foxes which has a quirky atmosphere and serves the best pancakes in town! I couldn’t resist ordering their New York pancake stack; streaky bacon with syrup, on top of the fluffiest butter pancakes, alongside a Gingerbread soya Latte (being lactose intolerant it’s not always easy to find somewhere that serves soya milk) yum, delicious! For the past few weeks I have been obsessed with Gingerbread Lattes, they are the perfect Autumn drink. If you haven’t yet tried one and love Gingerbread as much as me then they are an absolute must!

Β FullSizeRender

Take a shopping trip –

Take a shopping trip, whether its window shopping or you want to purchase some new clothes for the colder seasons ahead. I always feel happier after I’ve had a bit of me time whilst investing in some retail therapy. I love a good bargain, there’s nothing better when the end of season sales are on and you manage to nab yourself a few must haves.

Go for a Walk –

One of my favourite things to do is Autumn is going for a walk in the countryside. I love the Autumnal colours as the leaves fall from the trees, I think Autumn is such a beautiful season. So I wrap up warm put on my walking boots and off I go with with my partner, friends, family or even on my own. This is an amazing way to just clear your mind, get some fresh air and gain a new perceptive. I always find after a hectic week, when I may be feeling a bit stressed or a bit down, a good walk always helps me get away from it all, it allows me to go back with a clearer head and a fresh outlook.


Read a book –

Read that book that you keep meaning to get round to, curl up on the sofa or in bed and get lost in a good book! I’m currently reading The Danish Girl, a book that I have been meaning to get round to for a while.

Cosy night in –

Put on your cosiest Pyjama’s, order a takeaway, get some chocolate or crisps or better yet both, make yourself a hot chocolate and settle down in front of your favourite chick flick. Now this is heaven! If there’s ever a perfect time to do this it’s Autumn, with darker nights setting in, what better excuse to have a night in rather than a night out!


Take a Bath –

For me cooler evenings mean an extra nice long soak in the bath after work with a face mask on, my favourite Yankee candles lit and a glass of wine! This is definitely the perfect recipe for some self care!


Expectations –

Last put not least, write down all your expectations and things you would like to achieve for the coming season. Lists are a perfect way to see how much you have achieved or what you still need to do

Looking after yourself is so important! If your feeling down or stressed out it affects every aspect of your life, so just taking some time out to concentrate on you makes for a healthier mind and an overall happier person. We all need to take care of ourselves from time to time without feeling guilty for it, once we have created some self-love then we are more ready to give love in other aspects of lives.

Let me know in the comments how else you may create some self-love this Autumn!


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3 thoughts on “Create some self-love this Autumn

  1. Aaah! To all of these ideas I found myself nodding and go “yes, yes, yes” – they were all legit 😍 I did read a book today under a blanket and with a big cup of tea next to me. So cozy, god. I’m also lactose-intolerant so I can realte to the finding-soya-struggle, it’s real!


  2. The notebook is so cute! πŸ™‚ I find I can get stuck in my head sometimes, so walking really helps refresh myself and feel much better! When I feel in a slump or negative then I remember it was because I didn’t go for my usual enjoyable walk.

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