Tim Hortons: A little bit of Canada has come to Glasgow

Recently we’ve been talking a lot about wanting to explore Canada for our next adventure. As we researched where to go and what to see, we found that Tim Hortons kept coming up as a popular Canadian coffee and donut cafe, and much to our delight one had recently opened in Glasgow. Now with the both of us being total coffee lovers we agreed this would be somewhere we would have to try! Finally yesterday we decided to take a day trip to Glasgow with the intention of trying some of Tim Hortons Canadian coffee whilst we were there.


After a morning of shopping and exploring the city, we decided to stop at Tim Hortons which is conveniently located right in the city centre. Before we visited the coffee shop I couldn’t resist a quick look on the website to see what was on the menu, advertised on the homepage was a pumpkin spiced latte along side a pumpkin spiced muffin. Brilliant I thought, as I had been dying to try a pumpkin spiced latte for a while now so this was going to be my chance. I was so excited as we went up order only to find out there was no pumpkin spiced latte on the menu! I had mistakenly been looking at the Canadian menu online, oops! I then requested their French Vanilla latte with Soya milk but found that this was not available with Soya milk. So I eventually settled on a cappuccino with Soya milk whilst my partner ordered the French Vanilla latte and a box of Tim Bits.


Inside Tim Hortons is done out like your usually fast food restaurant with a few seating options upstairs ideal for people watching whilst enjoy a cuppa on a rainy day, with a larger seating area downstairs. The menu consisted of a variety of teas & coffees with a small display of donuts & muffins, light lunch options such as grilled sandwiches, soups and chilli alongside some breakfast options. We were served quickly and efficiently and the staff were friendly. As you can imagine I was a bit disappointed that their was no pumpkin spiced latte on the menu after I had mistakenly looked at the Canadian menu online but hopefully in time it might make its way over here! I enjoyed my cappuccino though and my partner loved his French Vanilla latte (hot chocolate with vanilla and a hint of coffee) and we both devoured the Tim Bits (small donut balls with various fillings and flavours such as chocolate, birthday cake and jam)! It was very reasonably priced with the Tim Bits costing Β£4.49 for 20 and the two medium coffees coming in at just Β£4.58. We will definitely be popping in again next time we are in Glasgow for another visit.


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3 thoughts on “Tim Hortons: A little bit of Canada has come to Glasgow

  1. Glad to hear that Tim’s is making a bit of a splash internationally. I am not going to say the coffee is great, but I generally like it because it always reminds me of home. And Timbits are awesome.

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