Almande Baileys – The wait is over!

It’s getting to that time of year again when the cold, dark nights are drawing in and nights-out are being swapped for nights in-front of the fire with a nice cold glass of Bailey’s. Unfortunately for the lactose-free and vegans amongst us this is a pleasure we have always had to fore-go, but not anymore!

ย Recently I have been seeing the new dairy-free vegan Almande Baileys advertised everywhere, and from the moment I read about it I wanted it! Being made with almond milk, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water and real vanilla it sounded delicious and perfect for those winter evenings. Unfortunately with it currently only being sold at Whole Foods I had to wait a little while to get a bottle, with us living in Carlisle the nearest one was an hour and a half away in Glasgow. Last weekend though we decided to finally take that much needed trip to Glasgow so I could grab myself a bottle and I was beyond excited!

Whole Foods Market is amazing, everything was organic and best of all they had so much lactose-free stuff. For me it was like Christmas come early, I even brought myself a bottle of soya whipped cream to have on top of my Bailey’s.

That evening when we got home I couldn’t wait to crack open the bottle and try my first Almande Baileys in the hope it lived up to my expectations. The back of the bottle recommends the best ways to enjoy it are over ice, in a coconut cocktail or as a Frappe; I decided to enjoyย my first glass cold poured over some ice so I could get the full flavour and it did not disappoint! It had a very distinct nutty taste, which I imagine if you don’t like Almonds or you don’t like nutty flavours then this wouldn’t be for you. But I loved it, I especially enjoyed my second glass which I squirted soya whipped cream on top of! I now can’t wait to try it in a coffee or with a nice hot chocolate.

If you are lactose-free or vegan it is definitely worth picking up a bottle to enjoy over the festive period. I will most certainly be making another trip to Glasgow before Christmas to pick up a couple more bottles.


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