The beautiful city of Innsbruck

Last week we took some time out of our skiing holiday in Austria to explore this beautiful city. Surrounded by the stunning back drops of the snow-covered mountains whilst strolling through the charming gothic Tyrolean old town how could we not fall in love with it! Here’s what we got up too and where we went:

Innsbruck old town:

Innsbruck old town leaves you feeling as if you’ve stumbled straight into the middle ages. The gothic style Tyrolean buildings ooze charm and character making you feel entranced in their beauty. We spent the day getting lost in and out of the old style traditional pubs trying some of the local beers; wandering around the trinket shops selling magnets, ornaments and an assortment of souvenirs; and of course, testing out the bakeries. We would have to recommend Strudel Cafe Kroellf if you are looking to try some exquisite pastries with everything from plum and apple strudels to croissants and poppy seed pastries. We actually stopped at this cafe a couple of times as once was just not enough! Once the sun had started to set though and we heard the district rumble of our tummies we decided to stop for some dinner at Goldenes Dachl which we had seen a recommendation for, and it did not disappoint we opted for the most delicious Goulash (lucky for us there was also no smoking inside, which we found at some of the pubs in Innsbruck; as with us both being non-smokers the smell could sometimes be a bit overpowering when trying to sit and enjoy a drink in a small pub). The old town with its stunning imperial architecture isn’t to be missed if you are visiting the city.



Innsbruck River Inn:

Just outside the old town the River Inn runs by the city with its bright blue waters reflecting the surrounding mountains. As you look out over the river, perfectly aligning the riverfront there is a row of quinesssential colourful houses setting off the charming views. It makes the perfect place for a relaxing stroll along the long path running beside the riverfront, before stopping at one of the restaurants enjoying a drink or two like we did. As we walked along here one evening, we stopped off at Cammerlander a Spanish café/bar which had tables outside overlooking the river and mountains. We ordered a jug of Sangria for $10 and sat with a blanket enjoying the stunning views (this sounds a bit more romantic then what it was though, as nice as the Sangria was it was probably not the best drink to order whilst we sat outside in the freezing cold shivering!).



From Innsbruck city, you can ride in the Funicular up to Hungerburg which provides a different perspective of the city as it travels up over the River Inn providing stunning views of the city below. The funicular was $10.50 for two of us going one way from the ticket office just next to the station, we recommend getting in the first car to get the best views. The modern architecture of the funicular station is one to be admired and complements the surrounding mountains perfectly. Sadly, we did not make the journey all the way up Seegrub due to us having limited time combined with the fact it would not have been worth the journey with it being such a cloudy/foggy day but we have heard the views from up there are amazing. At Hungerburg itself except for the views over the city there is otherwise not much else to make the trip for. We did take a  walk across Hermann Buhl Square past the cable car towards Theresien Church but unfortunately it was closed so we could not go inside but we managed to get a couple of photos of the outside.



Innsbruck city:

Innsbruck city centre is full of culture, with its modern shops and shopping centres hidden amongst the charming traditional gothic style buildings in keeping with cities character and historic feel. From Jewellers, such as Thomas Sabo to Pandora and high street fashion shops such as Primark and H&M to your designer brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Innsbruck had something for everyone. As we wandered through the city I spotted a sale at my favourite chocolate store Lint! Where we couldn’t help, but wondering on in to pick up some dark chocolate at bargain prices compared to what you would pay here in England. Being the pastry lover my partner is, we visited another Bakers on our last day Der Backer Ruetz where they sold an assortment of donuts, pastries both sweet and savoury along with sandwiches all at reasonable prices and looking very delicious. We opted to share a lemon and apple swirl which was very yummy as we drank our tea and coffee. Thomas then couldn’t resist going back to try one of their vanilla donuts which he devoured!



Innsbruck is a beautiful city full of charm and character, so if you are looking for a city that is oozing with tradition and culture, offers delicious food, good beers and of course the best Gluhwein (mulled wine) I have ever tasted, whilst be surrounded by the most amazing views then you will not be disappointment!

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