Waking up to the smell of Coffee & Roses

Saturday morning, we woke up to a delivery of our new organika phone cases that we had ordered from MMORE. I was so excited to receive this package as I had fell in love with their uniquely styled phone cases as soon as I laid eyes on them. They are all made from organic materials such as roses, coffee beans, hay and lavender and are allergy free. As soon as I opened the packaging the first thing I noticed was the unique textures form the natural materials. I then couldn’t resist putting the phone cover straight to my nose and just like advertised, it smelt like real roses, as I looked over I caught Thomas doing the same, with his smelling just like fresh coffee beans. What two better scents to wake up to in a morning! I must admit though this past week I have gotten a few funny looks when I’ve absently put my phone to my nose again just to get that smell of roses.


I love the idea that these cases have been handcrafted with sustainable natural materials, making each case unique, making them feel more personal, rather than them being manufactured in some big factory. Not only do these phone cases look great and are good for the environment with them being recyclable and very durable, with the lip wrapping around the front of your phone adding that extra protection. The cases are also waterproof so if you’re on the phone and its raining you can be sure your phone is still protected!

Check them out at https://www.mmore.net you will be sure to fall in love with them! Enter code THOMASF10 at checkout for 10% discount and free shipping!

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