Re-discovering ourselves

Hi Guys, sorry I haven’t updated you on any of my travel adventures lately but I took some time away from my blog to re-discover myself. I needed some time out to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, after a recent diagnosis with a bowel condition (maybe not so recent now though) I just needed some time to adjust, but after some time away I am back and ready to start telling you all about what I’ve been up to over the past few months!

I have recently discovered a new love for Yoga! Taking some time each day to concentrate on my mind and body has really helped bring me some perspective and balance. I’ve found just having that time out just for me, from my usually busy day to day schedule, really helps me clear my mind of all them unnecessary thoughts that can sometimes cloud my vision. It’s makes me realise that sometimes I spend too long giving head space to things I really don’t need to be worrying about. Yoga has also really helped me tone my body up too without having to go to the dreaded gym all the time! It’s been great to help strengthen my muscles and give me more energy.

Aside from Yoga I’ve also been doing some travelling; so we’ve spent sometime travelling around South Africa for a bit which was great and ticked a few things off our current bucket list, including a Helicopter ride over cape town and a trip up table mountain! I shared some amazing experiences with my best friend and partner which I will tell you about in my up-coming blogs so keep a look out! I will also tell you all about our favourite places to eat whilst we were there, being a big lover of food and coffee we sampled a lot of cafe’s, street food and restaurants, we even discovered our favourite blend of coffee from a place in Johannesburg which was unexpected. We both fell in love with the most amazing little gem of a cafe in Cape Town, where they did the most sensational vegan desserts which were to die for, again I think this deserves a blog post all of its own so I will tell you more about this place soon!

In-between travelling and discovering my new love for yoga, I decided to re-evaluate my life goals and choices and have made the decision to starting studying Occupational Therapy with the plan to go into Mental Health. I would love the opportunity to help people in their most difficult times of their life, helping them see that flicker of light even in the dark. As lets face it life can get really shitty for us all at times, sometimes we just need someone to lean on, we are all pretty damn amazing and the world can be a beautiful place!

I am looking foreword to blogging you all again soon to update you all with our recent adventures.

Speak soon xoxox

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