Life Choices – Who said we should have life figured out by 30 !?

Not so long ago I was feeling a bit lost with my life, I didn’t know what I was doing or where my life was going! Mostly because I was worrying about others comments. Everybody from my family to my friends kept asking me those annoying questions, it’s like once you hit a certain age people assume they have a right of passage to question your life choices. ‘So, you must thinking of having children soon!’ or ‘When are you getting married ?’ It was driving me mad, the look of pure horror or pity (pity is the worst!) on their faces when you say ‘Nope, no thoughts on having kids anytime soon.’ or ‘No, I’m not in any hurry to get married.’ My brother even pointed out to me that I’d end up being a geriatric mother at this rate! Like WTF! I still feel 20years old! Don’t get me wrong I understand why they all think I should be settling down and thinking about the future. Yes I have a partner, yes we’ve been together for more than a few years now, but we are very much still loving life planning our next travel adventures and doing our own thing i.e moving house this year!

I’m not a selfish person really, but I think in this case I need to be selfish and it’s ok to be selfish when you are talking about your own life! Β My point is I don’t think there should be a time limit or a certain structure to this sort of thing, so what if I have a kid over 30! So what if I’m 27 and going back to University, does it matter? And so what if I end up being with my partner for over 10 years or more before we decide to get married! Who put a time limit on this stuff? Where is this unwritten rule that you have to have your life figured out by the time your 30! I am still making mistakes, I am still making plans, changing my mind and re-evaluating what I want to do with my life! Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to have a good career by the time we are 25, buy a house, meet somebody and fall in love so we can get married and have children by the time we are 30. Goodness my head is spinning just thinking of all that, that’s a lot of things we expect people to achieve in such a short space of time. So I say scrap the time pressures and structures we put on ourselves of what we think life should look like when we have our shit together and have it ‘all figured out.’ Even after all that I don’t think anyone really has it all figured out!

I’ve come to realise I shouldn’t be stressing and worrying what others say or think, as long as I have no regrets that’s all that matters. What’s the point in taking on board everyone’s opinions, it’s my life and I am happy being unmarried, having no children, still figuring out my career, and spending as much time as I can travelling with my other half. And you know what there will be some people who will have children, marriage and a house by the time they are 30. That’s the beauty of us all being able to make our own choices! There shouldn’t be these expectations of how people’s lives should look! I honestly don’t give two f***s about a stupid unwritten time limit that we as a society have come up with. So I say let’s scrap the time limit, lets make our own goals and know that it doesn’t matter if we keep changing our plans or our minds! Lets free ourselves from our own time constraints and go get that degree after 25, have kids after 30 and get married after 40 and most importantly lets be happy with our decisions!

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